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A LOT of fusions; Math/Progressive/Psychedelic/Gothic/Electronic/Technical Rock.
Jazz, Metal, Electronica and Ambient Fusions.
Oriental Vocalizing.


released August 8, 2012

Abdo Abou-Shelou - Vocalist and composer.




The Chikatura Alexandria, Egypt

The Chikatura is a one-man electronic rock project by Abdo Abou-Shelou, originated in Egypt; Expressing his music in a profound way that declare feelings originated by the modernity of our time and the complexity of it, this shows in the exotic scales that tend to be dark, expressed in electronic sounds and a deep voice influenced by the folk oriental Arabic voice and modern ambient vocals. ... more

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Track Name: Lighthouse
It keeps you tied to people that will harm you,
It even makes you feel guilt when you harm them,
I've built and enslaved humanity, but I'm at war.
Unfortunately I can't win,
For my nemesis is far more influential than I am.
Track Name: She Might Say "Thick Jazz; Meet Jordan and The Shimmering Artificial Bulbs"
Not sure if I sing them in order, not sure if I sang all of it really, I improvise my vocal lines.

It hasn't been long since I've found what I did not seek,
The avalanche of emotions, the theft of sanity,
Enslaved to her, I might say, though I seek more,
She does not know.

To know how distance can be so aggressive,
When she's on earth whilst being my life,
For as long as I knew, I felt confusion,
The worst nightmares, in the waking imagination,
I think what I had found might not be lost,
Not until the day I leave.
Track Name: Amnesia; The Zaleplon