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released September 17, 2012




The Chikatura Alexandria, Egypt

The Chikatura is a one-man electronic rock project by Abdo Abou-Shelou, originated in Egypt; Expressing his music in a profound way that declare feelings originated by the modernity of our time and the complexity of it, this shows in the exotic scales that tend to be dark, expressed in electronic sounds and a deep voice influenced by the folk oriental Arabic voice and modern ambient vocals. ... more

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Track Name: Diagonal - Diagonal's Pact Cover ft. Francesco
Plead your senses
To set you free
Drop you in a fable
And stir you with the lies
You so carefully weave
Out of threaded vices
And misled thoughts
Out of memories
Coveted and overthrown.
Feelings now belong
To the child under your skin
Abused yet unforgiven.
Tell yourself
That even the skies
Are not high enough
So that you may thrive
Under a roof
No higher than your nose
And when your eyes have withered
What will you have to look back to?
Misspelt stories.